Expectant Parent Letter of Introduction

You are likely reading this section of our website, because you or a loved one have been informed that the baby you are carrying has, or may have, Down syndrome (also known as Trisomy 21).

Any parent who has been through this experience knows firsthand how confusing and difficult this time can be. Parents may feel that not only has their dream been shattered, they are also suddenly thrown into the position of considering some very difficult and heart-wrenching decisions.

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New Parent Letter of Introduction

As parents who have experienced the birth of a child with Down syndrome, we know how difficult this time can be. We are familiar with the many feelings and questions you may have. We hope that the materials in this section of our website, and the suggestions that follow, will help you.

We suggest you talk to your family and friends as openly and simply as possible. This will help them to understand and be comfortable with you and your baby. We found that other parents can provide you with good information and support. Many of your concerns can be put into perspective by seeing them and how they have adjusted to this situation.

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